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UConn Relocation Survey
This Survey has Been Taken Off Line!


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To participate in the survey,

you must enter your email address

to avoid duplicate entries.

You will NOT be placed on any mailing

list  as a result of entering this survey

unless you specifically

request to be added at the end of the survey.

your email: 

We may contact you by email only once to

confirm your response to this survey.

YES NO	Are you a Waterbury Resident?

YES NO	Have you, or any member 

		of your immediate family ever

		attended the Waterbury Campus

		of UConn?

YES NO	The State Legislature has approved

		$6,000,000 (six million) to do a

		"STUDY" regarding moving the UConn

		Campus into Downtown Waterbury. Do

		you think this is a sound use

		of your tax dollars?

YES NO	Do you feel that a downtown location 

		(across from the Palace Theatre

		Building) for the Waterbury Campus

		would be a "Safer" environment for

		the college students and their

		vehicles? (as intimated by the Governor)

YES NO	Would you be in favor of the State

		spending monies to update the existing

		Waterbury UConn Campus on Hilside Avenue?

YES NO	Do you believe the Uconn Campus

		in Waterbury should be moved from

		the Hillside Avenue Campus to a

		location in downtown Waterbury

		across from the Palace Theatre?

If you wish to support the Hillside Historic District in their efforts to improve the UConn Campus and retain it at the current Hillside Location, sign this electronic petition below.  We do not mail, but will try to update you with email notices.

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