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Self Reliance Agreement
Hillside Historic District - Waterbury, Connecticut

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Agreement between Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury, Inc. (NHS) and the Hillside Neighborhood Association October 31, 1989.

Whereas the Hillside Neighborhood is being declared a self-reliant neighborhood by NHS and the Hillside Neighborhood Association wishes to remain part of the NeighborWorks network, the following conditions have been agreed to:

  1. One Hillside representative will remain in the NHS Board of Directors.
  2. The NU/NHS Energy Loan Fund and various non-CDBG revolving loan funds will be made available to Hillside property owners if guidelines are met.
  3. NHS will continue to service all existing loans.
  4. NHS will offer other assistance in the preparation of flyers and meeting notices and the procuring of speakers for neighborhood association meetings.
  5. NHS will make the neighborhood association aware of grants available and assist in application preparation.
  6. Residents of the Hillside neighborhood may still share in the distribution of free seeds, paint supplies, and whatever other products may be made available by NHS.
  7. NHS will handle all press releases regarding Hillside self-reliance.
  8. If, in future years, the housing stock suffers marked deterioration, NHS will again target the area.

October 31, 1989

Mildred Paris, NHS President


Michael Moriarty
President, Hillside Neighborhood Association

Webmaster's note:  At the time of the self-reliant declaration of Hillside, the Neighborhood Association was totally against the move.  The self-reliance move was initiated and implemented by NHS as a non negotiable action.
At the time the the "emancipation" as members of the neighborhood association called it, the neighborhood was still very much in disrepair, loaded with absentee landlords, substandard housing and dealing with major problems of prostitution and drugs.
At the time, association members expressed very specific statements of feeling betrayed and abandoned by the Neighborhood Housing Program and staff.
This notation entered in 1999, where today, the neighborhood has become a refurbished and vibrant center of living.
(Also kind of interesting it was dated on Haloween)


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