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Oct 28



was great!

Christmas Party
To Be Announced

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of the
There is a new alcoholic beverage on the market.  It is called Bourbon Renewal.
Drink enough of it and the old neighborhood starts to look good.

The next solar eclipse visible in the North East will be Christmas Day in the year 2000!

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Hillside's famous newspaper now online

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 Next Meeting: November 2nd - 7PM - U-Conn Library .............. Candlelight Vigil at U-Conn - October 26th - 7PM - Refreshments Served ................U-Conn: Improve It ... Don't Move It ! .

Cyberhood News Headlines

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02/24/04 04:28:40 PM

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Candle Light Vigil
to Keep the U-Conn Campus in Hillside
Improve it ... Don't Move it!

Tuesday,   OCTOBER 26th   7PM
U-Conn Campus

U-Conn Professors  Join Hillside Crusade

Mike Gillmore Receives Neighborhood Award

Position Papers on UConn Relocation


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Hillside to Mayor and Governor:
Improve It!   Don't Move It!
With growing support from throughout the neighborhood, City and State, The Hillside Historic District Neighborhood Association has scheduled a candlelight vigil to be held on the U-Conn Campus at 7PM on October 26th.
The purpose of the vigil is to send a message to city and state leaders that the U-Conn Campus is a critical element of stability and prestige of the district, comprised of several historic structures.   The Benedict Miller House serves as a focal point of the entire district.
The Mayor and Governor have revealed plans to move the entire campus into the center of downtown to revitalize the urban center.
Hillside has been trying to make one very simple point ... Hillside to Government leaders ... News Flash ... the Waterbury U-Conn campus is already downtown.   The Waterbury campus sits almost the identical distance from the center of the Green in it's current location as the distance to the proposed site on East Main Street ... 2 or three blocks to be exact!
Waterbury residents should question very seriously the proposed multi million dollar plan to build a new college building, when an improved campus on Hillside with upgraded facilities would be much more reasonable and preserve the "Campus" environment.
Let us not rape neighborhoods of resources and assets to simply supplement a blighted area elsewhere.
Spread the word, and bring a friend.  Refreshments will be served

U-Conn Campus   -  Hillside Avenue
7PM  -  October 26th!

Go to Position Papers on UConn Relocation


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Hillside to Government leaders ...
the Waterbury U-Conn campus is already downtown.

U-Conn Professors statewide Support Hillside!
Believe U-Conn Campus should NOT be moved.
Statewide members of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) have voiced formal opposition to the relocation of the Waterbury U-Conn campus to a different downtown location. In a recent edition of the AAUP newsletter, the Professors Union Publication expressed concern for current under funding for the operations of the Waterbury campus, a 20 year old condition blamed on the excuse that the campus would one day be moving to the Higher Education Center on Chase Parkway.
The AAUP Publication directs readers to look at the recently opened "Stamford Edifice Experiment", which relocated the Stamford branch of U-Conn from its rural location to an urban setting. The campus was relocated, but there has been no increase in operating budget. The building is new ... nothing else, and the project in Stamford has yet to increase enrollment or stimulate businesses.
The publication for AAUP members calls the Waterbury proposal "costly and pointless" and called on membership to stand united and strong in their opposition.
The AAUP will present a definite presence at the Candlelight Vigil planned by the Hillside Neighborhood Association on Tuesday, October 26, 7PM at the U-Conn Campus.



Civil Servants are generally taken for granted and their invaluable services considered as no more that "part of the job we pay them to do".
At the first Neighborhood Council Awards Dinner, in the shadow of awards to the Governor and other high profile politicos, Mike Gilmore was the  shining light recognized by Hillside.  Gilmore, a resident of Town Plot, was the only recipient of individual recognition from neighborhoods to be chosen from outside the ranks of any neighborhood membership.  While the other Neighborhood Associations selected a recipient from within their own ranks, the Hillside Board elected to choose Mike for his unending efforts to help Hillside grow and prosper.
Mike has worked weekends (no overtime for this lad) to help with provisions for neighborhood clean-ups.  He has climbed through abandoned houses with and without Police to clear them of occupants and get them boarded up. In conjunction with the Mayor's office Blight Crew, Mike has effected the boarding of many abandoned properties within the Hillside Historic District. 
We cannot count the number of times Mike rushed a little late into the night meetings of Hillside to update us on this or that  after having spent a couple of hours tending his new baby.  It was appreciated Mike!
To name just a few of the other "Mike" contributions through the Community Development Office, the sidewalks and driveway of Hayden park will be paved soon,   new sidewalks have been installed on Hillside Avenue, and his tireless work with the City blight team has cleared lots, yards and produced a cleaner and healthier neighborhood.
All of Hillside wishes to thank Mike for his unending assistance, and look foreword to a continuing effective relationship.

White Flower Farm donates thousands of daffodils to Hillside:
Next year may be known as "The Year of the Daffodil" in the Hillside Neighborhood, thanks to the donation of several thousand Daffodil bulbs by White Flower Farm. Intended for use in both Hayden Park and throughout the Historic District, the areas of plantings will be laid out by the Neighborhood Association and these bulbs may be available within the next few weeks for planting. Owners of the designated properties will be contacted in time for planting.
Also yet to be planted in Hayden Park are several thousand tulip bulbs obtained from the State of Connecticut by State Rep. Joan Hartley.
Visit White Flower Farm on the web:

Hart House
Concern of Hillside
At his first meeting with the Hillside Neighborhood Association, Fran Brennan, interim director of the Waterbury UConn Campus, stated that he had plans to demolish the Hart House located on the North East corner of the UConn Campus.
Residents jumped as if electrically shocked and resisted any such move.
Hillside had assisted UConn in the original purchase of this property several years ago, and Hillside had sponsored a fundraiser with guest host Pat Sheehan of Channel 3.   The funds raised were to be used for restoration of the facility planned to be a student center.
Hillside Residents were most distressed that Brennan intimated that State funds were going to be used to demolish a sound historic structure defined as a contributing structure in the National Register of Historic Places.
It is the understanding of Hillside that State and Federal funds cannot be used to demolish National Register properties.
Again at a meeting with the Hillside Board last week, Brennan was asked about the Hart House and responded it was not of any use to Brennan's concept of the campus.
Hillside is seeking rulings from the State Historical Commission and National Register regarding the possible demolition.

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PARK UPDATE  10-2-99
Hillside has been actively involved with Park Dept personnel to bring Hayden Park up to grade.
Last Fall instalation of new and totally refurbished antique lighting was completed for approx. $65,000 in Community Development Funds, returning the park lighting to style and placement of the original plan and for the first time in decades, the lights work!.
Last Autumn, residents planted 400 Dafodil bulbs on the south hill and surrounding area, and this year the Park department repaired and replaced broken benches, painted all benches, instaled new signs, and is in the process of preparing the center circle for planting.
Asplund was contracted and is in the process of removing 30+ diseased hemlocks from throughout the park.
The Water department has located a line in the upper park conecting to Glenridge Street and will soon have new water service operational.
Update: The water line wasnot connected to anything and a totally new service will have to be run covering a distance of some 300'.
Mike Gilmore has secured Communty Development funds to resurface the inner walks and driveway.
The Park is not there yet, but a good start is being made.

2-2-99 update 4-6-99
Over $750,000  has been set aside by the State of Connecticut for a complete restoration and repainting of the Benedict-Miller mansion, the focal point of the Hillside Historic Neighborhood.
Not since Shep Wild led the private fund raising restoration program over 15 years ago has the mansion been worked on, and is now in much need of exterior repainting.
Professors and other staff now occupying the building are in the process of moving to the "Smith" house on campus to make way for Asbestos Removal.  Campus plans for the facility after renovations are unclear, but rumor has it that faculty offices will NOT be moving back in.

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Sadness for the duckpin bowling group from Hillside,as Sena's is indefinately closed due to structural roof damage during the rains of the recent Tropical Storm.
With the intermission of the bowling activities, Shirley Walford still holds the record for low score (32).
Play is expected to resume as soon as the lanes are open again.

Ye Olde News

The State Department of Mental Health has awarded $200,000 to Family Services for the rehabilitation of 14 Buckingham Street.  Informed sources have informed us that absolutely no work will be initiated until a signed contract is in hand between the State and the Family Services Agency.  Lessons on broken promises of State Funding are not unknown to Waterbury enterprises.
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Another residential facility is attempting to move into Hillside into the House at the corner of Cooke and Buckingham Streets (Formerly owned by Lorraine Craig).  The "Home" is being planned by Family Services and will be leased from the new owner (Michael Telesca).  The new owner had reportedly told area residents he was buying the house for his mother, but it turns out he bought it in his mothers name only.   His mother is a Florida resident.  As the house is HUD financed, the building cannot be sold for one year.
The Family Services program is to house foster children for a period of up to 45 days transitional living, and will serve children up to 12 years.
Money for restoration of the building will be raised privately by Family Services, and historical integrity is planned to be maintained.
The building has been vacant and boarded up for years and remains that way today.   Extensive renovation will be required to overcome the neglect.


Rowland-GiordanoTrash NRZ Process
At a recent Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Mayor Giordano happened to mention as an aside that there were plans to relocate the Waterbury Campus from its Hillside Avenue location to a new downtown center, located across from the Palace Theatre on East Main Street.
He had stated at a Hillside pot luck supper only weeks before that the Governor was about to announce a great proposal that would have Hillside residents dancing in the streets with joy.  This was that announcement, and when questioned the Governor stated that Giordano apparently had a case of premature verbalization and that the Governor had no plans to make any such announcement, though such a "Plan" does exist..
The Governor has publicly stated he will be meeting with the Hillside group, though no meeting has yet been scheduled and the Mayor's office has stated that the Mayor will not be available to discuss the issue until some time in July.
Also announced at the same time was a "Plan" to relocate a private Jewish school on the Hillside Campus, though the "Plan" seems to  lack any substantial specifics and at this time is irrelevant to Hillside's fight to have the City abide by the NRZ process and attempt to retain UConn at the Hillside Avenue Campus.
At the heart of the matter is the recently compiled NRZ plan, completed by Hillside and approved by the Board of Aldermen and voted into the City Plan by the City Plan Commission and the Aldermen.  The NRZ is a State generated process to develop neighborhoods through self determination of issues by the respective neighborhoods.  Any planning process involving the Hillside neighborhood must be routed through and incorporated into the Neighborhood NRZ process.  In this instance, the NRZ process was trampled by both City and State officials.
Andrea Pape, principal spokesperson for the NRZ process has responded to date via open letters in the Waterbury Republican and a small group meeting with Fran Brennan, interim Director of the Waterbury Campus.
Additional information and expanded coverage of the process will follow.
A special web site section is currently being developed and should be on line by the end of June.
Other Related Stories: B'Nai Shalom Meeting of 6-20-99



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