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Couple of the Century:
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Reynolds
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Other Hall of Fame Members:
Michael Moriarty - secured the Historic Designation
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November 1, 1999

The newest inductee into the Hillside Website Hall of Fame is Prof. Glen MacLeod.
Glen is an English Literature Professor at the University of Connecticut, published author and 15 year resident of the Hillside Historic District.
Professor MacLeod is a Charter Member of the Hillside Historic District Neighborhood Association, member of the original By-Laws Committee of the organization, chief architect of the Hillside Historic District Logo, and member of the Hillside Executive Board since the mid '80s.  He also led the process of securing and placing the Historic District signs located at entrances to the District.
Glen served on the original committees (with then Pres. Michael Moriarty) which attained the National Historic Designation for the Hillside District.
Our resident professor has served as Secretary to the Association and has been extremely active and effective in the development and implementation of Hillside's Neighborhood Watch Program.
Glen has attained the title of "Master of the Red Pen", serving as the neighborhoods literary monitor, never fearing a red slash here or a point of punctuation there, always yielding shining examples of literary perfection on all Hillside materials.
(except this website)
Glen has been an active participant and supporter of all neighborhood functions for the past decade and most recently served as a major coordinating force behind the successful candlelight vigil, an event which actually closed down Hillside Avenue traffic, to protest the relocation plan of the Waterbury UConn campus by the Governor and the Mayor.
(Visit the News Room for articles related to the Candlelight Vigil).
Other major events in which Glen proudly effectively participated included the Historic Homes Tour and Fund Raiser for the Uconn Waterbury purchase and restoration of the "Hart House" and its property.
Glen was the first to revive genuine Victorian colours on his late 19th century home during an exterior restoration, beginning a trend that has continued expanding throughout the neighborhood to this day.
Hillside extends its gratitude to Glen MacLeod for his significant contributions to the improvement of the quality of live in the Hillside Historic District.

Glen has just this month moved to West Hartford for career enhancement.
In an eggshell environment, which Hillside certainly is, any loss or change can ripple throughout the area.  Both Glen and Harold (also relocated this month) stabilized the central stretch of Hillside Avenue with congeniality and professionalism and a presence which will be greatly missed by neighbors.

Civil Servants are generally taken for granted and their invaluable services considered as no more that "part of the job we pay them to do".
At the first Neighborhood Council Awards Dinner, in the shadow of awards to the Governor and other high profile politicos, Mike Gilmore was the  shining light recognized by Hillside.  Gilmore, a resident of Town Plot, was the only recipient of individual recognition from neighborhoods to be chosen from outside the ranks of any neighborhood membership.  While the other Neighborhood Associations selected a recipient from within their own ranks, the Hillside Board elected to choose Mike for his unending efforts to help Hillside grow and prosper.
Mike has worked weekends (no overtime for this lad) to help with provisions for neighborhood clean-ups.  He has climbed through abandoned houses with and without Police to clear them of occupants and get them boarded up. In conjunction with the Mayor's office Blight Crew, Mike has effected the boarding of many abandoned properties within the Hillside Historic District. 
We cannot count the number of times Mike rushed a little late into the night meetings of Hillside to update us on this or that  after having spent a couple of hours tending his new baby.  It was appreciated Mike!
To name just a few of the other "Mike" contributions through the Community Development Office, the sidewalks and driveway of Hayden park will be paved soon,   new sidewalks have been installed on Hillside Avenue, and his tireless work with the City blight team has cleared lots, yards and produced a cleaner and healthier neighborhood.
All of Hillside wishes to thank Mike for his unending assistance, and look foreword to a continuing effective relationship.

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