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The Hillside Historic District is located
in the center of Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.
Hillside is the oldest residential district in Waterbury, originally embracing the lavish homes of local wealthy industrialists and charming Victorian architecture of upper middle class residences.
Though geographically divided by some newer apartment structures, the main residences and essence of the Hillside from the end of the 19th century remain intact.
The Hillside Historic District is listed inthe National Register of Historic Places.


  ... National Register

The Hillside Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is comprised of approximately 300 historically significant dwellings.
Architecture styles include Victorian, Tudor, Arts & Crafts, Georgian, Cottage and smaller numbers of other varied styles from the turn of the century.
  ... The Virtual Hillside Tour

This armchair version of the Walking Hillside Tour provides renderings of dwellings, narration about each home, and by clicking on the illustration of the home, you will be linked to the reprint of information listed in the National Register of Historic Places about the home.
This tour has been developed as a research resource for historical units in the Hillside Historic District of Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.
The Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury conducts walking tours of this area during the summer months.  Contact the museum for further information.

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