Queen Anne
1875 - 1915

Basic selection of colors for painting a Victorian home consist of separate colors for shingles, body (usually clapboards) and trim.  Whereas shingles and body are generally dedicated colors, the trim may consist of more than one color additionally depending on the amount of detail present.
The concept of painting a Victorian House is to accentuate the fine Victorian detailing
in an harmonious convergence of colors and tones.


Of all the revival styles in the `19th century, Queen Anne had the most variety of detail and texture.  Coincidentally, at the same time that the Queen Anne style was most popular, the darkest, most vivid colors were also popular.  As a result, Queen Anne homes were painted several dark colors, to highlight all the detail.

There were elements of the Queen Anne style that were part of the early stages of the Colonial Revival which was in its heyday about 20 years afterwards. The Colonial Revival did not merely consist of Georgian Revival style houses.  It was a general harkening back to early styles, including Queen Ann, even though most of the early styles evoked were American, not British.

The Queen Anne style was fashionable at a time when a lot of building was taking place in the United States.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember when painting a Queen Anne house is that the many architectural details outlined above were picked out and celebrated with color.

Source: The Old House Journal, Inc


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